Joseph Hewitt & Margaret Ann Coulter

Settler of township lots: Lots 6 & 7, Conc. 6, Stanhope

Location:. Map point is the approximate location on Lot 7, Conc. 6 on the west side of Buckslde Road, north of Walkers Line. Martin Brothers "Stanhope Army".

Land acquisition:

  • Lot 6, Conc. 6, Stanhope - 1902 from the Municipality of Stanhope for $12. Ontario Land Parcel Register Index - Stanhope Conc.6 (Image 17). In 1898, this lot had been seized for tax arrears of $38.83, by the Warden and the Treasurer of the County and "sold" to the Township of Stanhope in 1899 who then sold it to Joseph Hewitt in 1902. This information is found in  Instrument #334 in Volume 95, page 53 - 54 in the Land Registry Deeds Copy book.
  • Lot 7, Conc. 6, Stanhope - 1930 from his father, William George Hewitt's will. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 19).

Other land: Lot 5, Conc. 7, Stanhope - 1930 from his father, William George Hewitt's will. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 20)

Dates of residency:

  • 1901 Stanhope Voters List: Lot 7, Conc. 6
  • 1903 Stanhope Voters List: Joseph Hewitt, farmer, Lot 7, Conc. 6
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Joseph & Magariet Hewitt at Lot 6, Conc. 6
  • 1911 Stanhope Voters List: Lot 6, Conc. 6 & Lot 3, Conc. 5
  • 1911 & 1918 Stanhope Post Office Lists: Lot 6, Conc. 6
  • 1928 Stanhope Voters List: Joseph & Annie Hewitt at Lots 3 & 4, Conc. 5 & Lots 6 & 7, Conc. 6 with parents, George & Margaret Hewitt

Preceding landowner:

    Lot 6, Conc. 6:
    - 1880 Charles Edward Thomas from the Crown
    - 1887 Joseph Griffin for $200
    - 1887 Thomas Griffin for $600- 1899 Township of Stanhope for $38.83 for tax arrears.
    Lot 7, Conc. 6:
    - 1877 William George Hewitt (father)

Succeeding landowners:

    Lot 7, Conc. 6:
    - 1949 David Hyslop
    -  Kenneth, Harry & Gordon Martin

Interesting links: See Hewitt House

Mrs. Hewitt's 1964 obituary (see below) describes how they lived on a farm for many years at Boskung across the road from St. Stephen's Church which they attended. They retired from the farm in 1945 and moved to Minden village where her flowers drew the attention of the many people who called on her and her husband. The obituary mentions that Joseph Hewitt suffered a stroke c1962 and that she looked after him up until two months before her death, when he went to a nursing home.

Joseph and Margaret Hewitt were married in 1903 in the Anglican Church in Minden and settled own on the Hewitt homestead in Boskung opposite St Stephen's Church. Joseph was a quiet man and didn't care to follow the road of public and political activity as his father had done. Both he and Margaret found their joy in things of the land. Together they established their married life on the principle of the golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". All through their lives they served their church faithfully and worked hard for the betterment of others in the surrounding community, while never neglecting their home and family. They believed firmly that what one soweth, so will he reap and this was borne out by the high regard felt for them by friends and neighbours. Their home was a place where anyone in trouble could come for help and encouragement. Source: James Hewitt Family History, 1967

Joe Hewitt House 1940's. Ancestral home of all the Hewitt boys from Hewitt transport – Earl, John, Alex, Ernest and adopted daughter Minnie Coulter (daughter of James Coulter, whose wife died when baby was young) so she was adopted by her aunt. Barn in the background was built by William George Hewitt (Joe’s father) on the stone house property. Source: Peter Hewitt Photo Collection 'Joe Hewitt House'.

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Joseph Hewitt's 1964 obituary. Stanhope Museum Collection. Accession#

Margaret Ann Hewitt's 1964 obituary