This Help page is a guide for you to make the most of the Algonquin Highlands Heritage Map.  All site features are detailed here to aid your investigations.

The Algonquin Highlands Heritage Map is a mapping of the culturally significant points of interest in the Algonquin Highlands. Each location has been plotted on the map using GPS coordinates and applied one of our cultural filters.

Once you have browsed our interactive map, why not come and see our many sites in person?

Best of all, you can bring the Algonquin Highlands Heritage Map with you! Visit the site on any mobile device for a whole new experience and way to tour the County.

Happy exploring!

The Heritage Map makes it easy to browse and learn about the region's many cultural features.

We have identified all of our locations with a cultural theme, as listed below. You can select or deselect any of the filters at the bottom of your page, which narrows or expands your results accordingly. Your results will show on the right listings as well as on the map.

Using the Heritage Map is a simple process.

Because it’s built with Google Maps, using the Algonquin Highlands Heritage Map is just as easy as using Google Maps and contains many of the same features.  For instance, you can still use the following tools to manipulate your map view:

  • Zoom +/-
  • Drag to move
  • Street View
  • Map view or satellite view

The Algonquin Highlands Heritage Map also has some new features to help you navigate our cultural locations:

  • Anywhere you go, the map can be taken with you in the palm of your hand with any mobile device. Use your phone or tablet to see what's nearby and help you tour the region to explore further.
  • Multiple listings on the map show in a single icon with the number of locations therein. 
    To view these separately and geographically, zoom in using the tool or by clicking on the number icon.
  • Hovering over icons will provide a summary of that location
  • To view the details of a location indicated by an icon, simply click it to show the associated locations in the right-hand display

Depending on how you have refined your map by selecting categories, your results will not only show on the map but also in the right-hand locations display.  From here you can select a specific cultural point and a detailed expanded window will open up.  But do not worry if you want to go back or have lost your way, there are always breadcrumbs to take you back home again.

You may also refine your options by searching for words or towns, as indicated above.

Have a look around and view the beautiful photos and videos, and when you see something that you like make sure to share it on Facebook or Twitter!