Hugh Coulter / Margaret Taylor

Settler of township lot: Lot 7, Conc. A, Stanhope

Location: The map point is the approximate location this lot which runs east of Brady Lake Road north of Hindon Lake Trail.

Land acquisition:

  • 1866 Lands Liable to Taxation: Township of Stanhope Register. 100 acres to Hugh Coulter.
  • 1866 Patent from The Crown. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 23).

Other land:

  • Lot 1, Conc. 3, Stanhope: this lot is one lot east of Lot 7, Conc. A on the north shore of Hindon Lake.
    - 1876 Lands Liable to Taxation: Township of Stanhope Register - 99 acres to Hugh Coulter
    - 1887 Patent from The Crown. Ontario Land Parcel Register-Stanhope (Image 2).
    - to son William John Coulter in 1917.

Dates of residency:

  • 1870 Peterborough County Directory, Stanhope: Hugh Coulter, Lot 7, Conc. A
  • 1881 Census of Canada, Stanhope:
  • 1883 Stanhope Voters List: Hugh Coulter, owner, Lots 7 & 1, Conc. A & 3
  • 1890 Stanhope Voters List: Hugh Coulter, owner, Lots 7 & 1, Conc. A & 3
  • 1899 Stanhope Directory: Hugh Coulter, Petersons Cors Lot 1, Conc. 3
  • 1901 Census of Canada, Stanhope:
  • 1901 Stanhope Voters List: Lot 7, Conc. A and Lot 1, Conc. 3, Stanhope (also James Hill Coulter, son)
  • 1903 Business Directory, Stanhope: Hugh Coulter, Petersons Cors, Lot 1, Conc. 3
  • 1903 Stanhope Voters List: Hugh Coulter, farmer, Lots 7 & 1, Conc. A & 3
  • 1911 Stanhope Voters List: Lot 7, Conc. A and Lot 1, Conc. 3, Stanhope
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Lot 7, Conc A

Interesting facts:

Before the post office was established at Hindon Hill, Hugh Coulter collected his mail at Peterson's Corners. Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 pg. 309

Mrs. Joe Hewitt, a daughter of Hugh Coulter, who in 1862 settled 10 miles north of Minden on the Bobcaygeon Road, told how Brady's Lake claimed the lives of three children, pupils of the school half a mile from its shore. Rachel Coulter (15 years old), Barbara Coulter (5 years old) and a Gannon boy found a canoe. When it developed a leak while they were playing in the deep water, all three were drowned. Source: Ibid pgs. 223-224.

In his 1966 Collection of Sketches, "Agriculture", Clayton Rogers writes about the importance of surplus agriculture in bringing in much needed dollars. "As many of the settlers were from the old land, and cheese a staple food, their interest turned to the manufacture of cheese. At some time about 1885-1888, a factory was erected on Lot 9, Conc. 1, Stanhope near Moorefield Acres. Machinery was installed and a good quality cheese was made for quite a few years. The project was managed on a co-operative basis all patrons being share-holders. The cheese was sold in Lindsay at the board sales and distribution made to several patrons. Among the records of payments for the year 1890 I find the following: Jno. Crawford (Bobcaygeon Road) $12; Hugh Coulter (Bobcaygeon Road) $10; Geo. Hewitt, Boshkung, $9.13; Thos. Godeson $31.31; Thos. Wells - Peterson $20.88; Noah Baily - Birch Lake $21.95; Clare Sisson, Carnarvon $11.44.

Preceding landowner: The Crown

Succeeding landowner: Lot 7, Conc. A.

  • 1917 William John Coulter (his son) along with Lot 3, Conc. 1
  • 1947 Tax sale - 3 acres on NW corner to Elizabeth (Crawford) Coulter (William John Coulter's widow)
  • 1948 Tax sale - balance to Samuel Crawford, Elizabeth's brother.

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