Cecil Holmes Irwin

Settler of township lots: Lots 13 & 14, Conc. 2, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within the irregular, waterfront Lot 13, Conc. 2 on east shore of Boshkung Lake at Anglesey Drive on the south shore of Echo Bay.

Land acquisition: 1936 from Oran Cryderman. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Images 57 & 81).

Other land:

  • Lot 19, Conc. 6, Stanhope - 1951 from Municipality of Stanhope, all 99 acres.¬†¬†Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 103).
  • Lot 15, Conc. 2, Stanhope - 1925 from The Crown to Martha Irwin - Echo Island, 2 acres.¬†Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Islands - Image 13).

Dates of residency: Summer residents

Interesting facts:

In his 1966 Collection of Sketches, "Boys and Girls Camps", Clayton Rogers tells the story of the "development of camps for Boys and Girls - a very necessary part of this modern life. Sherwood Forest Camp owned and operated by Mr & Mrs H. Irwin has been operating for some twenty to twenty-five years. Sherwood Forest has quarters for 125 boys."

From Boshkung Lake Memories. 2000 Boshkung Lake Millennium Committee:

in 1922 Cecil and John Irwin, recently graduated in Forestry, toured the lakes and decided the Three Pines Point on Boshkung Lake was the most desirable property available. So their Mother, Mrs Martha Irwin, for three hundred dollars, purchased the area from the bay to the river, and for three years Mrs. Irwin and her three daughters camped in two tents on the point.

Echo Island (renamed Loon Echo) was purchased 'for privacy' Mrs. Irwin said. A condition of the purchase was that a cottage, costing no less than five hundred dollars, must be built within a year. So in 1926, the Irwins, still mother and two daughters with the rest visiting, moved into the cottage built by John Moore and Charlie Taylor. The cottage remains as it was in 1926 with the addition of two bedrooms in 1962.

The Pine Point property was later transferred to Cecil Irwin who established The Sherwood Forest Camp, which operated from 1934 to 1963. When the property was sold to cottagers, John Irwin III purchased the camp lodge and now [2000] spends the summers there with his wife Eleanor. Until his death in 1971, John II and his wife lived in the cottage now owned by his son Paul having joined together two of the former camp cabins to form this cottage.

Preceding landowner: 1897 Oran Cryderman from The Crown

Succeeding landowner: 1967 Cecil Holmes Irwin to Sherwood Shores Limited - subdivided for cottages

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  • Cecil Holmes Irwin. d 1 Aug 1977. Buried: Zion Cemetery