McBrien's Pines

Geographic location: Lot 14, Conc. 3, Stanhope

Current address: 16243 Hwy 35 on Boshkung Lake

Date range:

Interesting facts:

This is the corner of Hwy 35 and North Shore Road. It used to be called Ox Corner, said Leigh Sisson, because an ox used in the road building, had died there. Source: Varty - Boshkung Lake Memoirs, The Boshkung Lake Millennium Book Committee, 2001. pg 140

Victor McBrien and his wife Placida (Plac) built McBrien's Pines which became Kinsmans Cottages. They rented to highway workers in 30s -$1/day room and board. Victor bought the island at the east end of Halls Lake. It was then called McBrien's Island. Victor  put in the causeway and built cottages there. Every time he sold a lot he would buy a new car.

Later bought by Kinsman family and renamed Kinsman Cottages.

Public access: No

Current use: Private property

Ownership History:

  • 1868 B & S from The Crown John G. Peck All 100 acres
  • 1886 Warden to Charles Wright 102 acres
  • 1902 Stanley Grey
  • 1922 Martha Irwin part
  • 1923 Victor McBrien part