Thomas Wilfred Harrison, Pte.

Map point: Residence at time of 1911 census - Lot 2, Conc. 5, Stanhope

Date of birth: 6 Oct 1891

Birthplace: Stanhope

Occupation and residence on enlistment: Farmer, Boskung

Enlistment date and place: 27 Mar 1918, Kingston, Ontario

Regimental service #:  3057536


1st Depot Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment, C.E.F.

6th Canadian Reserve Battalion

Notes on war service:

He transferred overseas on 25 Apr 1918. He was admitted to Bushy Park Canadian Red Cross Hospital in Hampton Hill with a diagnosis of chronic bronchitis and "D.A.H." on 1 Aug 1918 and discharged on 9 Oct 1918.

D.A.H. is 'Disordered Action of the Heart' otherwise known as 'Soldier's Heart' or 'Effort Syndrome' and was thought to result from a combination of over exertion, mental stress and fatigue.

He was determined to be fit for Category C1 - Home Service only in Canada with a disability aggravated by service. He was sent back to Canada on 9 Dec 1918 and was discharged at Kingston on 14 Jan 1919.

Killed in action? : No

Notes on life after the war:

Link to digitized service file at Library & Archives Canada

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Information source: LIbrary & Archives Canada, Personnel Records of the First World War

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