William Henry Hewitt

Settler of township lots: Lot 11, Conc. 10, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this 100 acre lot west of Hwy 35, just south of Shangri La Road north of Little Hawk Lake Road

Land acquisition: 1930 from Susan Amelia Scott (Manson Richard Scott's wife). Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 87)

Other land: Lot 12, Conc. 10, Stanhope - 1934 from James Scott. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 90)

Dates of residency:

  • 1911 Stanhope Voters List: Lot 7, Conc. 6, Stanhope (owned by his father, George Hewitt)
  • 1911 Stanhope Post Office List: Lot 7, Conc. 6, Stanhope (owned by his father, George Hewitt)
  • 1928 Stanhope Voters List: W H & Alice Hewitt at Lot 12, Conc. 9 and Lot 15, Conc. 8

Interesting facts:

John Hewitt recounts: "With so much work being carried on annually with so many men it became necessary [around 1906] to have someone in charge of the dam and control the flow of the water, so Pete Grozelle was the first dam keeper and the big white house was built at Hawk Lake. Later on it was James Welch, and by 1912 William H. Hewitt, with his bride Alice, moved into the "white house." They were two miles from the nearest neighbour, they had no modern facilities, and only by wagon trail could they get out. They had a horse, cow, dog and cat, and plenty of wild life. They lived there until the early twenties when they bought a home on Hall's Lake and moved out of the wilderness. He continued to look after the dams and water levels until 1951. A property owner said that Billy Hewitt could look after the controls better when he was drunk, as water was never known to run over the dam when he was in charge." Source: Lakes of Haliburton Which Form "The Island", Haliburton County Echo, 1971

Preceding landowner:

  • 1882 Edwin Johnson from The Crown
  • 1906 Walter Johnson
  • 1911 William Gartshore
  • 1930 Susan Amelia Scott (Manson Richard Scott's wife)

Succeeding landowner: 1954 to Walter D Butts, part.

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree

  • William Henry Hewitt, b. 22 Mar 1886, Boshkung, Stanhope, d. 1964 Oshawa (Age 77 years). Late birth registration was sworn in 1941 by Margaret Harrison, the nurse at the birth in 1886. Buried: Maple Lake Cemetery
    • William George Hewitt, b. 16 Mar 1851, Trafalgar, Ontario, d. 13 Apr 1938, Stanhope, (Age 87 years)
    • Harriet Collins, b. 28 Apr 1849, England d. 22 Jun 1910, Stanhope, (Age 61 years)
  • Alice Helena Agatha Cooper, b. 01 Apr 1884, Stanhope, d. 1957  (Age 72 years). Buried: Maple Lake Cemetery
    • William Cooper, b. 29 Sep 1843, England d. 22 May 1926, Stanhope, (Age 82 years)
    • Fanny Sims, b. 7 Apr 1843, England  d. 29 Sep 1923, Stanhope, (Age 80 years)

Photo: Alice Cooper. Source: Ancestry.ca PeggySawyerPouw originally shared this on 28 Jun 2011