William Francis Kent, Sr

Settler of township lots: Lot 32, Conc. A, Stanhope

Location: Pine Springs. Kushog Lake

Land acquisition: 1918 - Lot 32, Conc. A, Stanhope (45 acre broken lot) from The Crown. Ontario Land Parcel Register Index - Stanhope Conc A (Image 107).

Other land:

  • Lot 31, Conc. A, Hindon - 1916 from Joseph Fuller;¬† Ontario Land Parcel Register - Hindon (Image 122).
  • Lot 32, Conc. A, Hindon - 1926 Kent family to Sarah Letitia Kent; 1926 to Malcolm Kent.¬†Ontario Land Parcel Register - Hindon 133).¬†

Dates of residency:

  • 1893 Minden Township Directory: W F Kent, Minden
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Hindon
  • 1911 Stanhope Voters List: Lots 32, 33, 34, Conc. A, Stanhope
  • 1911 Stanhope Post Office List: F. Kent, Hindon Hills at Lot 32
  • 1918 Stanhope Post Office LIst: Jas Kent, Lindasy at Lot 33, Conc. A.
  • 1918 Death of Wililam Francis Kent at Lot 31, Conc. A, Hindon
  • 1928 Stanhope Voters List: Mrs. Frank Kent is listed but crossed out. She died in1927.

Interesting facts:

Preceding landowner:

  • Lot 32, Conc. A, Stanhope: The Crown
  • Lot 31, Conc. A Hindon: Joseph Fuller (Hindon property)

Succeeding landowner:

After Frank's death in 1918, Lot 32, Conc. A, Stanhope passed to his wife Sarah Letitia in 1926 by her children giving up their stake as heirs of the property (Quit Claim Deed Inst #774). then immediately to son Malcolm (Grant Inst #775). Other lots included in these two transactions were the west half of Lot 34, Conc. A Hindon (75 1/2 acres), Lot 31 Conc. A, Stanhope, Lot 32, Conc. A Stanhope, and Lot 1, Conc. 13 Stanhope.

In 1927, Malcolm sold the 45 acre Lot 32, Conc A, Stanhope to William Walker Prentice for $250.00.

In 1931, Malcolm Kent sold his farm (on which lot?) to the Crown for $1.00 in settlement of a Crown Land debt, having moved to Northern Ontario. This surrender of land to the Crown also included Lot 32, Conc. A, Hindon and the west half of Lot 34, Conc. A, Hindon.

The Crown then patented Lot 31, Conc. A, Hindon to William W. Prentice for the sum of $304.00. Further research may show that this debt to the Crown was incurred when the Kents, along with other settlers in the area, were relocated by the government to the Charlton area in northern Ontario.

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