Trevor William John Cooper

Settler of township lots: Lot 5, Conc. 5, Guilford (Stanhope area)

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this 50 acre waterfront lot on the north east shore of Green Lake running west from Kennisis Lake Road at West Guilford

Land acquisition: 1940 from John Arthur Cooper, his father. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Guilford (Image 63).

Other land: 

  • Lot 7, Conc. 6, Guilford - 1941 from Carrie May Morrison. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Guilford (Image 26).
  • Lot 7, Conc. 7, Guilford - 1941 from The C .L. & C. Co from The Crown 1865. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Guilford (Image 32).

Dates of residency:

Interesting facts:

In 1931 a kind of time capsule was found in a bottle hidden in a stone wall beside the Allsaw school by Everett Blair's children, Ruby (now Mrs. Trevor Cooper) and Joe Blair. It contained 16¢ in old coins and a faded hand written document. Dated the Allsaw school,, Minden, September 5, 1885, it reads as follows: "I want the man to know that may find this in after years that this bottle was laid here by John Gittens, mason; John Dauncey, trustee; John Bateson, farmer; John Duncan, teamster; G. Hope, contractor and William Archer. God Save the Queen." Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. pg. 281.

Preceding landowners:

  • 1882 Benjamin Wessels from The C .L. & C. Co from The Crown 1865
  • 1899 William Powell
  • 1903 George Henry Sims
  • 1904 John Arthur Cooper

Succeeding landowner:

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree

  • Trevor William John Cooper, b. 20 May 1913, West Guilford, d. 27 Aug 1990 (Age 77 years)
    •John Arthur Cooper, b. 9 Jul 1879, Stanhope, d. 1965  (Age 85 years)
    • Mary Jane Bird, b. 12 Mar 1887, Ontario, d. 05 May 1977, Stanhope, Age 90 years)
  • Ruby Margaret Blair, b. 11 Jan 1920, Blairhampton, d. 2 Feb 1994, Kingston, Age 74 years)
  • Children: 6 more still living
    1. Blythe Cooper, b. 3 Sep 1939, Ontarion