Samuel Boice

Settler of township lots: Lot 32, Conc. 5, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the 101 acre lot bisected by the river from Green Lake to Pine Lake one lot west of Green Lake including Ablett Court on the south side of the river

Land acquisition: 1876 patent from The Crown to Mary Elizabeth Bice/Sawyer (mother), and her children Samuel & Rachel Bice/Boice.

Dates of residency:

  • 1871 Census of Canada, Ontario / Peterborough North / Stanhope & Sherborne / Pg 12, Family 48. Age 8 on this census. Surname is spelled Boyce.
  • 1881 Census of Canada, Ontario / Peterborough East / Stanhope, Sherborne & McClintock / Page 1, Family 4. Age 18 on this census. Surname is recorded as Sawyer, his stepfathers name.
  • Ontario Death Registrations, Reg # 16385-83. Cause: "Shot by mistake" - 8 days.

Interesting facts:

Shooting Accident. A serious shooting accident occurred on Sunday last in the township of Hindon. It appears that James Sawyers, D. Redner and a young man named Boyce were out deer hunting, and after being separated for some time and Sawyers and Redner met, and just then getting sight of what they supposed to be a deer each fired, when to their surprise and horror they found they had shot young Boyce, one of the balls passing through of of his hands and entering the abdomen. On the following day he was brought to Minden and medical aid prcoured, and I understand hopes are entertained of his recover, although the bullet has not be removed. Source: B. Chambers / J. Mueller

Preceding landowner: The Crown

Succeeding landowner: 1936 Henry Clair Sisson (widower of Rachel Bice) to Reginald Christisson

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  • Samuel Boice, b. Abt 1863, Ontario,d. 24 Nov 1883, Stanhope, (Age ~ 20 years)
  • Parents:
    • Simon Bice, b. Abt 1837, Ontario, d. 11 Feb 1870, Haliburton,  (Age ~ 33 years)
    • Mary Elizabeth Demill Redner, b. 24 Sep 1843, Ontario
    2nd Husband: James Napolean Sawyer, b. 16 May 1852, Minden, d. 28 Jan 1930, Powassan, (Age 77 years)
  • Siblings:
    1. William Boice, b. 27 Apr 1858, Ontario
    3. Louise Rachel Clara Bice, b. 26 Jul 1866, Stanhope,  d. 11 Jan 1936, Guilford, (Age 69 years)
    * Husband: Henry Clair Sisson, b. 27 Oct 1862, Ontario, d. 01 Jun 1950 (Age 87 years)

Image 1: Accidental shooting of Samuel Boice. Owner/Source B. Chambers / J. Mueller.File name article on shooting of Sammy Boyce from B Chambers.jpg

Image 2: Samuel Bice (one of Mary Elizabeth Demill's sons) from B Chambers resized.jpg. Source: B. Chambers / J. Mueller