Martin Kratt

Settler of township lots: Lot 27, Conc. 10, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this 101 acre lot in the middle of nowhere east of Little Hawk Lake.

Land acquisition: 1876 Lands Liable to Taxation: Township of Stanhope Patent Register -101 acres to Martin Kratt BUT there is No Patent or page for this land in the Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope.

Dates of residency: 

Interesting facts:

One after another, families abandoned the struggle at Third and Forth Lakes [Cameron Lake Settlement Area] and moved away including Martin Krautt. Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 pgs. 320 & 321.

Preceding landowner: The Crown.

Succeeding landowner:

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree Not listed