James G. Rowe

Settler of township lots: Lot 6, Conc. 1, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this 100 acre lot running east from Kushog Lake Road and Buckslide Road north of Hwy 118.

Land acquisition: 1867 Patent from The Crown. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 69).

Dates of residency: 

  • 1870 Peterborough County Directory, Stanhope: J. G. Rowe
  • 1890 & 1903 George J. Rowe picked up mail at Peterson's Corners

Interesting facts: aka George J. Rowe

1866 saw Stanhope established as a separate municipality with James Mellville elected to the post of reeve and George J. Rowe as township clerk. Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 pg. 100 & 302.

1872 George Rowe moved to Chicago but rented the farm to Robert Stevens. Barnums were tenants until 1877 when Goodman bought the property.

Preceding landowner: The Crown

Succeeding landowner:

  • 1877 William Goodman
  • 1918 Thomas Herbert Stevens
  • 1919 Alfred Moore
  • 1923 Mary Moore (William)
  • 1934 Clayton Rogers

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