Eugene Packard

Settler of township lots: Lot 1, Conc. 4, Guilford (Stanhope area)

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this irregular, waterfront 75 acre lot on the south west shore of Green Lake including the mouth of the channel into Maple Lake.

Land acquisition: 1885 from The C.L. & E. Co for $80. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Guilford (Image 1).

Dates of residency:

  • 1851 Census of Canada West: Brighton, Northumberland
  • 1861 Census of Canada West: Brighton, Northumberland
  • 1881 Census of Canada, Guilford: With wife Agnes Sisson and 2 children, William and Martha
  • 1891 Census of Canada, Guilford: With wife Agnes Sisson and 3 children, plus Alfred Sisson, age 18
  • 1903 Business Directory, Guilford: Eugene Packard, Maple Lake, Lot 1, Conc. 4
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Guilford: Eugene & Agnes Sisson and 3 children.
    - James & Martha (Packard, Eugene's daughter) Titus & 5 children were also emumerated at this lot. Martha received the property for $1 in 1934.
  • 1921 Census of Canada, Guilford: Agnes Packard, widow

Interesting facts:

Eugene Packard made canoes for trappers from birch and moosehide bark. Mrs. Blanche Linton, a granddaughter, tells how Mr. Packard used to bake bread in a 3 legged iron kettle which he buried in the coals of an outdoor fire. Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 pg. 153

Eugene Packard met his wife, Agnes Sisson (daughter of Thomas Sisson), while searching for her lost brother, 7 year old Stephen, in 1872. They married three years later and built a log home beside the river.

Following Eugene's death, a violent electric storm in 1920 brought tragedy to his wife, Agnes, while she was spinning yarn and listening to her son George read from the "Canadian Countryman", as he rested his arm on a bureau. A bolt of lightening struck the chimney, tore up the top storey, and split both the bureau and the foundations of the house. Every pane of glass was shattered, George was instantly killed, and his mother rendered unconscious. Fortunately she recovered in time to put out the fire from the oil lamp which had been knocked over. Source: Ibid pg. 154

Preceding landowner: 1865 The C. L. & E. Co

Succeeding landowner: 1934 Martha Titus (daughter) for $1

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree

  • Eugene Packard, b. 6 Jan 1848, Ontario
  • Agnes Jane Sisson, b. 15 Feb 1850, Manvers Twp, Ontario, d. 22 Mar 1931, West Guilford, (Age ~ 81 years). COD: Organic disease of heart.
  • 1. William Edwin Packard, b. Abt 1876, Ontario
    2. Martha Packard, b. Abt 1878, Ontario
    3. George Stanley Packard,   b. 22 Mar 1882, Dysart, d. 11 Sep 1920, Guilford (Age 38 years). COD: Died instantly from electric shock when struck by lighting. Buried: Maple Lake Cemetery
  • Other Child:
    1. Alfred Sisson, b. 18 Apr 1873, Stanhope, d.1951 (Age 77 years)