Durlen Demill Redner

Settler of township lots: Lot 32, Conc. 4, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within the north half of this 100 acre lot which runs south of Hwy 118 opposite Ablett Crt.

Land acquisition: 1896 This settler purchased the north half (56 acres) from James Sawyer. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 514).

Other land: Lot 30, Conc. 3, Stanhope - 1888 south half from Thomas Sisson. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 471).

Dates of residency:

  • 1871 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Durlen Demill 20 living in Stanhope with John 34 (brother), Elizabeth 19 and Simon John 7 months.
  • 1881 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Derling hunter & Mary Rednor with daughter Eva, and Rachel Rednor, his mother
  • 1883 Stanhope Voters List: Durland Redner, owner, Lot 32, Conc. 4
  • 1890 Stanhope Voters List: Durling Rednor, owner, pt Lot 32, Conc. 4
  • 1891 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Darling (sic) Redner 40 living in Stanhope with Mary 39 and Eva 14.
  • 1893 Stanhope Directory: Durlin Rednor, Carnarvon
  • 1901 Stanhope Voters List: Durlin Redner, farmer at N pt Lot 32, Conc. 4 and S pt Lot 30, Conc. 3
  • 1901 Census of Canada, Stanhpoe: Durlin Dumill with Louise Dumill and daughter Marjorie Dumill
  • 1903 Business Directory, Stanhope: Durlin Demill, Maple Lake, Lot 30, Conc. 3
  • 1903 Stanhope Voters List: Durlin Demill, farmer, s pt Lot 32, Conc. 4 & s pt Lot 30, Conc. 3
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Durlen & Mary E Redner, 2 daughters and step daughter Adeline Henderson
  • 1911 Stanhope Post Office List: Durlin Demill, Maple Lake at Lot 30, Conc. 3
  • 1918 Stanhope Post Office List: Durlin Demill, Maple Lake at Lot 30, Conc. 3
  • 1921 Census of Canada, Stanhope: Durlen Redner 70, widowed
  • 1928 Stanhope Voters List: Durlin Render, farmer & Elisabeth Redner, housewife at  Lot 32, Conc. 4 and Lot 30 Conc. 3
  • 1833 Death: Maple Lake. Listed as Durlin DeMill

Interesting facts:

Redner was a trapper whose lines extended through the Cache Lake area of Algonquin Park.

Isaac Boice was stricken with a heart attack while working his trap line at Kennisis and would have died alone i the bush had not Durland Redner and a companion arrived to paddle hime home. He died shortly after. By an odd coincidence, in later years Durland Redner was himself overcome while trapping the same region and had to be assisted home by two other bush travellers. In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 p. 79

Durlin Demill represented Maple Lake on the 1900 committee that merged the Maple Lake Church with the 21 member congregation at Pine Lake Church, both of which met in school houses, to build the frame Maple Lake Church at the burying ground at Clark’s Corners.  Source: Ibid. pg.  326

The Demill and Redner surname was interchangeable, depending on year and/or branch of family - this may date back to a Demill who married a Redner - some descendants used the mother's surname, some the father's surname. Not sure of these details but with some research, it would be an interesting story to tell on one of the two websites.

Durlin (sp.) Dumill (b. Nov 1849), wife Louise Dumill is listed at this location on the 1901 census. On the 1881 and 1911 census, wife is Mary E. Redner. Wife on 1901 census died in 1905. He remarried in 1908. Daughter Marjorie is listed on both census records.

In In Quest of Yesterday, Nila Reynolds says the Durland DeMill Render was a brother-in-law of Henry and Benjamin J. Sawyer, sons of James Sawyer. p. 69

Maple Lake Post Office - 1897 to 1901:  Lot 32, Conc. 4, Stanhope. Current address: The Postmaster during this period was Durlen DeMill.

Preceding landowner: 1887 James Sawyer

Succeeding landowner: 

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree

  • Durlin Demill Redner, b. 07 Nov 1849, Scugog Island, Ontario, d. 02 Sep 1933, Maple Lake, (Age 83 years). COD: Arterio Schlerosis. Buried: Maple Lake Cemetery
    • William A Demill Redner,   b. 1810, Prince Edward, Ontario, d. 06 Feb 1879, Stanhope, (Age 69 years)
    • Rachel DeLong, b. 1818, Prince Edward, Ontario, d. 29 Jan 1899, Stanhope, (Age 81 years)
  • Wife 1. Mary McPhail, b. 16 Dec 1851, Murray, Northumberland, Ontario, d. 06 May 1891, Stanhope, (Age 39 years). Buried: Maple Lake Cemetery See tombstone below
    • Hugh McPhail, b. 15 Sep 1818, Scotland d. 5 Feb 1908, Stanhope, (Age 89 years)
    • Sarah Jane Wessels, b. 20 Jul 1820, Murray, Ontario, d. 21 Jan 1883, Haliburton, (Age 62 years)
  • Wife 2. Melessa Louisa Haskell, b. Abt 1869, Port Hope, Durham, Ontario, d. 03 Apr 1905, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, (Age ~ 36 years)
  • Wife 3. Mary Elizabeth Morrison, b. 6 Mar 1864, Ontario, d. 4 Oct 1941, Stanhope, (Age 77 years)
    • Alexander Morrison, b. 25 Mar 1832, Ireland d. 7 Oct 1920  (Age 88 years)
    • Mary Craig, b. 1839, Ireland  d. 8 Sep 1906  (Age 67 years)

Links to FindaGrave, Maple Lake Cemetery:

  • Durlen Demill
    Son of William Demill & Rachel Delong. Born Nov. 2, 1843, Scugog Island, according to his death reg. Durlen farmed all his life, and is buried with his 1st wife. D.O.M. - Dec. 17, 1875, Haliburton Village, Dysart Twp., Peterborough Co., Ont. to Mary McPhail, spinster. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats. D.O.M. - (2nd) - Melissa Louise Haskell, Apr. 8, 1896, Victoria Co., Ont., to Melissa Louise Haskell, spinster. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats. D.O.M. - (3rd) - Sept. 9, 1908, Carnarvon Twp., Haliburton Co., Ont. to Elizabeth Henderson (nee Morrison), widow. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats. D.O.D. - Sept. 2, 1933, Maple Lake, Stanhope Twp., Haliburton Co., Ont. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats.
  • Mary McPhail Demill Inscription: IN MEMORY OF MARY McPHAIL WIFE OF DURLEN DEMILL DIED MAY 6, 1891 AGED 39 YEARS 3.5 MO.S (verse unreadable)
    Daughter of Hugh McPhail & Sarah Wessell. She was the 1st wife of Durlen Demill. Date of death was actually May 1, 1892, according to her death registration. D.O.M. - Dec. 17, 1875, Haliburton Village, Dysart Twp., Peterborough Co., Ont. to Durlen Demill, bachelor. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats. D.O.D. - May 1, 1892, Stanhope Twp., Haliburton Co., Ont. Confirmed on Ont. Vital Stats.

Photo 1: The Maple Lake Senior Hunt Club. I believe these are the names and ages L. to R. Isaac Boice (61), Durlin Redner (51), Samuel Demill Redner (17), George Clark (49), John Demill (64), Hamilton Boyce (59). Picture taken either 1899 or1900 . Ham was dead by March 1901. photo--courtesy of Dorothy Rivers. Source: Ancestry. ca johnmar131 originally shared this on 25 Jan 2013

Photo 2:
Photo 3: Elizabeth (Morrison) Henderson-Demille (John Roscoe's Mother) & Durlin Demille. Source: Ancestry.ca Tracey Pratt originally shared this on 10 Sep 2011