Charles Francis 'Frank' Gartshore

Settler of township lots: Lot 5, Conc. 1, Stanhope

Location: Map point is the approximate location within this 86 acre irregular waterfront lot (Preston Lane) at the south end of Kushog Lake running west and north from Kushog Lake Road, west of Buckslide Road. This lot is at the intersection of Kushog Lake Road and Hwy 118 (then Peterson Road) then known as Guin's Corners.

Land acquisition: 1940 from Warden & Treasurer. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 54).

Other land:

  • Lot 2, Conc. 3, Stanhope - 1946 from Warden & Treasurer for $29.98. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 6).
  • Lot 14, Conc. 4, Stanhope - 1924 from David Stanley Gray; 1926 to William Ferguson. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 177)
  • Lot 8, Conc. 7, Stanhope - 1918 from Robert Oliver; 1933 to Arthur Oliver. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 30)
  • Lots 8 & 9, Conc. 8, Stanhope - 1918 from Robert Oliver: 1919 back to Robert Oliver. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Images 22 & 26)
  • Lot 1, Conc. 13, Minden - 1905 from William John Walker. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Minden (Image 188)
  • Lot 4, Conc. 13, Minden: 1915 Frank Gartshore to Johnston Walker. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Minden (Image 197)

Dates of residency: 

  • 1903 Business Directory, Minden: Frank Gartshore, Carnarvon, Lot 4, Conc. 13
  • 1905 Marriage: Lot 2, Conc. 12, Minden from birth record of Loren Gartshore. Occupation: lumberman
  • 1911 Census of Canada, Minden: Lot 4, Conc. 13, Minden. Occupation: lumberman (foreman of camp)
  • 1916 Death of Daughter Minnie Gartshore in Minden Village
  • 1957 Death: Minden

Interesting facts:

Frank Gartshore became a famous logging foreman. Source: In Quest of Yesterday by Nila Reynolds. Published by The Provisional County of Haliburton, Minden, Ontario 1973 pg. 287

During the early 1920's the Gull River Company purchased the cutting rights on the Mickle and Dyment limits in Eyre township. Supplies for their new camps northeast of Haliburton Lake were cadged to the old Boyd depot at Fort Irwin and carried up the lake in the company's big gasoline boat. Although a storm was blowing when the bush superintendent, Frank Gartshore, watched the loading of the last supplies, neither he nor his foreman, Earl McKay, thought it great enough to interfere with the progress of their sturdily built craft which carried 15 men and towed a sixteenth in a boat loaded with baled hay. By the time they left the narrows, however, the rising gale offered real menace and black clouds, like veils of mourning crepe, hastened the autumn darkness; it was too late to return. In danger of swamping and with no more control of its fate than a piece of driftwood, the craft was soon lost on the broad expanse of Haliburton Lake. When bailing could no  longer control the intake of water, Earl McKay, making a speaking trumpet of his hands, called to the man in the the towed skiff, "We're both sinking so you might as well come up here and go down with the rest of us." He obeyed. Imagine their relief when the boat suddenly ran itself high and dry upon the beach. Shortly after the storm subsided, the remainder of the party, camped at the head of the lake, saw their fire and guided them to shelter. Source: Ibid. pg. 65

Every great era must end. The wordlwide depression of 1929 put the writing on the wall for the Gull River Company and moving logs by water. The last drive from Gull River waters was jobbed by Frank Gartshore who employed a skeleton crew of 8 picked men. It was this seasoned driver's duty to harvest the switch booms from the entire system. Source: Ibid. pg.66

Preceding landowner: 1875 James Guinn from The Crown

Succeeding landowners:

  •  1941 Eric Albert Irwin-part
  • 1940 David Harrison-part

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree

  • Frank Gartshore. b. 27 Mar 1877, Minden d. 25 Apr 1957, Minden. Buried: Minden Village Cemetery
  • Minnie Walker. b. 24 Jan 1885, Minden d. 26 Feb 1968. MInden Village. COD: Water on the brain. Buried: Minden Village Cemetery
  • Children:
    1. Ida Gartshore, b. 21 Apr 1906, d. 12 Nov 1935 (Age 29 years)
    2. Loran Gartshore, b. 3 Dec 1911, Peterson's Corners. Buried: Minden Village Cemetery
    3. Carrie Gartshore, b. 15 Apr 1914, d. 9 Mar 2008 (Age 93 years)
    4. Edith Gartshore, b. 14 Mar 1918, d. 16 Sep 1982 (Age 64 years)
    5. Arnold Gartshore, b. 1918, d. 1988 (Age 70 years)