Louisa Eleanor Langstaff

Settler of township lot: Lot 6 , Conc. 13, McClintock Twp

Location: Map point is the approximate location south of Algonquin Inn, east of Parkway Cottages facing south-west on the head of Oxtongue Lake.

Land Acquisition: 1913 from John Enoch Johnson. Ontario Land Parcel Register - McClintock (Click here and go to Image 155).

Dates of residency

Interesting facts: From David Baldwin, Submitted by D. Baldwin. Facts and Fables of Oxtongue Lake, 2000 pgs. 64-65

The property was first owned by a Miss Langstaff around the turn of the century, followed by a Miss O'Connell from New York who had the legal work done by my maternal grandfather. The family has been coming to Oxtongue since 1926 at Miss O'Connell's invitation, and in 1936 she deeded the property to my mother and her two sisters. When my mother Dorothy Baldwin died in 1960, her two sisters, Gwen and Sophie Boyd, deeded the property to her six children.

Read the whole story DAVID BALDWIN. Source: Facts and Fables of Oxtongue Lake, 2000 pgs. 64-65

Preceding landowner: 1913 John Enoch Johnson, Patent from The Crown. Ontario Land Parcel Register - McClintock (Image 155).

Succeeding landowner: 1924 M McConnell 1.5 acres