George Stringer

Settler of township lot: Lot 29, Conc. 10, Lawrence Twp

Location: This map point is the approximate location within this 100 acre lot where Stringer was located at the time of the census.  He moved around from lake to lake, at the service of the Park Ranger force.

Dates of residency: He was enumerated here on the 1911 census.

Interesting facts: On the 1911 census, he is a Park Ranger in Algonquin Park.

From "Along the Trail in Algonquin Park", by Ralph Bice, June 1, 2001:

"Then there was George Stringer from Killaloe, he was the Ranger from Brule Lake when Dad came on the force in 1910. That first winter my Dad was with Stringer they travelled from Brule Lake up the Misty Lake up to Eagle Lake, out that way.  George too became a bit old and they sent him down to a nicer spot on Rock Lake.   In the spring of 1923, and he knew better, he went across on the ice on the early frost, and when he started back, they told him, 'that ice isn't going to carry you back, George, it is going too fast'.  But he tried it and he died only a couple hundred yards from his camp." 

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Information source: 1911 Census of Canada; private notes 

Link to Settlers of Algonquin Highlands family tree George Stringer 1871 - 1924 COD: Accidental drowning.