Judge Elihu James Davis *

Settlers of township lot: Lot 7, Conc.12, McClintock

Location: Map point is the approximate location on Tom Parris Trail.

Land acquisition: 1937 Patent from The Crown for 42 acres broken lot. Ontario Land Parcel Register - McClintock (Click here and go to Image 107).

Other land: Lot 11, Conc. 14 - 1907 Patent from The Crown for 99 acres. Ontario Land Parcel Register - McClintock (Click here and go to Image 244).

Dates of residency:

Interesting facts: 1851–1936

A successful manufacturer living in Newmarket, Ontario Mr. Davis was the owner of the Davis Leather Co. Ltd, in Newmarket, the A. Davis & son Ltd,. in Kingston and the Canadian Patent Leather Co. in Toronto at the time of his death in 1936. Source: Facts and Fables of Oxtongue Lake, 2000. Pg. 125

Davis held various political positions including a Liberal member of the Provincial Legislature from 1888-1904. He and wife Margaret had seven children including sons Elmer, Aubrey and Andrew all of whom were first owners of property in the Oxtongue Lake area. Last son, Elihu James Davis Jr inherited all the family properties which later became part of The Last House Hunt Camp. Source: Ancestry.ca

Ownership History: From Marlene & Doug Kyle, 17 Tom Parris Trail. Pg 103

  • 1907 Land Grant from the Crown to Judge Davis 
  • 1937 Elmer Davis trustee from the estate
  • 1954 Judge Davis to Keown famly
  • 1957 Keown famly to Dienhart family
  • 1986 Passmore family to Warby / Parker family
  • 1997 Warby / Parker to Doug & Marlene Kyle

Ownership History: from Heidi Rachar. Pg. 125

  • 1907 E. Davis from the Crown
  • 1937 Elmer Davis, son, purchased from father's estate
  • 1954 Harriet & Bruce Keown purchased from Elmer Davis
  • 1955 Herman Boothby purchased Part Lot 7 from H & B Keown
  • 1959 Fred & Mary Boothby purchased the other part of Lot 7 from H & B Keown
  • 1962 Aurora Cook purchased from Fred & Mary Boothby
  • 1965 Aurora Cook purchased the part of Lot 7 owned by Norm Boothby
  • 1965 Combined portions of Lot 7, owned by Aurora Cook, sold to Holbrook
  • 1973 Heide Rachar purchased the Holbrook Propery

Other Families listed in Facts & Fables as owning property on Lot 7, Conc. 12:

  • 1954 Boldings & Campbells: Ron & Della Campbell and Charles & Cecile Bolding (Delle's parents) purchased from Wm. G. Hart who had homesteaded Lot #7 in 1945. Pg 68.
  • 1964 Corbett: Charles & Myrtle Corbett from the Keown family and built a cottage out on the point known as "Windy Point". It present (2000) owner is Dave Barlow.
  • 1954 Franklin Catlin first occupied the property on the north shore of the lake facing Gents Island. Between 1980 and 1985 the property had other owners. Joan & Ross Dixon bought in 1987. Pg. 78
  • 1955 Jack Gervais from Bruce Keown; 1969 passed on to Jack Gervais Jr. Pg. 87
  • 1968 George & Dorothy Moore from James Beattie. Pg. 116
  • 1963 Lloyd & Eveline Robertson (grandson of Alex Robertson) bought property from the Keown family. The Kerba family now owns the cottage (2000). Pg. 128
  • 1972 John A Williams from William G Hart who acquired the property from The Crown during WWII. Pg. 148

Preceding landowner: The Crown

Succeeding landowner:

  • 1937 Elmer Davis (son) from the estate

Photo 1: Hon EJ at the warf. Source: Ancestry ca. NancyDavis1979 originally shared this on 05 Feb 2014

Photo 2: Hon EJ Ice Fishing. Source: Ancestry.ca.NancyDavis1979 originally shared this on 05 Feb 2014