St. Nora Lake History


Location: Sherborne Township

St. Nora is an example of names being affected by mispronunciation. In the book Life of a Lumberman, St Nora’s Lake is referred to as Senora’s Lake (Source: Thompson, G. (1895) Life of a Lumberman. Peterborough) reflecting an obvious mistake related to mispronunciation.

The above information came from: Discovering the (Hi)story of Haliburton Through Its Lakes' Names by Elinor Whidden, a student report prepared for Trent University - Bioregionalism Course, 1998. From the U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research Collection.

This article is from the Nov 11 1892 Lindsay Canadian Post. Source:

A NEW SCHEME - Mr. P. M. Gunter representing the Gilmour lumber company, who recently purchased large timber limits north of this place, was in Minden on Tuesday last and purchased a right of way across lots 27 and 28 concession A township of Sherbourne, with the intention of building a track for conveying logs across to Senora's lake by an endless chain and running them down these waters to the company's mills. They expect to have the work in use for next season's run.