Slipper & Stocking Lakes History


Location: Dysart et al Township

There are many lakes in Haliburton whose physical shape have dictated their names. The shores of many of these lakes have formed in a way that is recognizable to humans and thus they are telling their own stories to us.

Slipper and Stocking Lakes both got their names from their shape. Although the physical shapes of these lakes have changed little over the years, the names still hold the story of the past.

Stocking Lake and Slipper Lake would likely be named Sock and Shoe Lake today. This shows the (h)istory of how language has changed through time.

The above information came from: Discovering the (Hi)story of Haliburton Through Its Lakes' Names by Elinor Whidden, a student report prepared for Trent University - Bioregionalism Course, 1998. From the U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research Collection.