Pardee Lake History


Location: Lawrence Township

Origin of the Official Name: Ontario Geographic Names Board September 10, 1973

The name Pardee Lake "Honours T. B. Pardee, the Commissioner of Crown Lands who first considered the creation of Algonquin [Park]" (Source: Dawber 1994, 34).

"Named after the Honourable T. B. Pardee, Commissioner of Crown Lands, when the first proposal for Algonquin Park was made. Pardee was supportive, but died in 1889 before action could be taken. Previous to this name being adopted, the lake and Lawrence Lake were jointly known as Crooked Lake” (Source: Friends of Algonquin Park (1993) Names of Algonquin: stories behind the lake and place names of Algonquin Provincial Park. Whitney, Ontario: The Friends of Algonquin Park.)

The above information came from: Discovering the (Hi)story of Haliburton Through Its Lakes' Names by Elinor Whidden, a student report prepared for Trent University - Bioregionalism Course, 1998. From the U-Links Centre for Community-Based Research Collection.