Dorset's First House

Geographic location: (Lot 29, Conc A, Ridout )

Current address: Main Street, Dorset

Date range: 1857 - 2015

Interesting facts:

Built by Francis Harvey in 1857,  Dorset’s first house was originally a square timber dove tailed building with a second story.  The building had been expanded upon over the years. The home & property had three other owners with the current use as the Dorset Community Health Hub.

The building was clad on the outside with lumber as in the photo.  This building was sadly torn down to build the health hub.  They had hoped to re purpose and make use of this heritage home but it proved too costly a job and so a new building was built in its place. 

Francis Harvey was a farmer, trapper, and shopkeeper, trading out of his trading post which was located next door to him at the time with the First Nations peoples who transited the lake every summer. The trading post was located on the property where the Dorset Garage is today.  Francis Harvey donated many properties over his time of living here in Dorset, The land for Harvey Avenue is just one and named for him.

Public access: Yes

Current use: New building on site - Dorset Health Hub

Information source: Dorset Heritage Museum

Photo information & source:

1. Francis Harvey's home - Dorset Heritage Museum