U.S.S. No.10 - Pine Springs (1950 -1966)

Geographic location: Lot 33, Conc. A, Stanhope

Current address: 

Date range: 1950 to 1966

Interesting facts:

As a result of a community request for a larger, more modern school, a new stone-faced building was constructed a short distance north of the existing structure.  It was opened in the fall of 1950, and continued to serve the children of the area until the decision was made to close all one room schools and to bus students to larger multi-roomed facilities.  The building was sold in 1966 to the University of Toronto. Information source: Nila Reynolds, In Quest of Yesterday, E. Devitt and Nila Reynolds, Echoes Of The Past, Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group Resources, Observations of the sign on the property.

Note: The Letters Patent granting the land form Her Majesty to the Public School Board of S.S. No. 10 Stanhope were issued on 18 Jun 1952. The land was described as 3.87 acres adjoining the north east limit of the King's Highway.

Public access: No. 

Current use: Its last known use was as the Pine Springs Freshwater Biology Research Station, University of Toronto, Dorset Campus