S.S. No. 4 - Halls Lake School

S.S.#4 - Halls Lake School

Geographic location:  Lot 12, Conc. 10, Stanhope

Current address: 1147 Halls Lake Road

Date Range:1895 to 1939

Interesting facts:

This red frame structure opened in 1895 on 1/2 acre purchased from James Welch. Between then and 1914 the school was closed during the months of January, February and March due to problems getting there. By 1939, the school was in a state of disrepair, and the newly amalgamated School Board decided to close S.S. #4 and transport the pupils to S.S. #3, Boskung School. It is said that one day, as the teacher was presenting to a group, a mouse dropped through the ceiling and landed at the teacher's feet, much to the amusement of the pupils.

Public access: No

Current use: The building was demolished, the property sold, and the location is now the site of a private home.