U.S.S. No. 9 - Stanhope / No.1 Hindon - Hindon Hill School (1897 - 1939)

Geographic location:  Lot 6, Conc. A, Stanhope

Current address: East side of Brady Lake Road, formerly the Bobcaygeon Colonization Road, opposite #1265.

Date Range: 1897 to 1939

Interesting facts:

This was a Union school for the townships of Hindon and Stanhope. This second schoolhouse was built on half an acre on the south west corner of the Lot 6, Conc A Stanhope purchased in Dec 1897 from the family of the late James Gannon. The school closed in 1939 and the property and building were sold to Bill Branson in 1947. Information source: Ontario Land Registry Abstract/Parcel Register Book - Stanhope Conc A; Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group Files. Photo information & source: W. Forbes

Morley Kent (grandson of William Francis Kent, Sr.) told Susan Wilson, in A guided tour of Hindon history, a 1990 Minden Times interview: "The psychological, if not the geographical, centre of Hindon Township was the community of Hindon Hill which straddled the road about halfway between the Peterson Road and Ten Hill. There was the Orange Lodge, a post office at the Taylor's farm, with a little red, one-room school house. Because it was on the Stanhope side of the Bobcaygeon Road, it was known as S. 

S. No. 9, Stanhope. Kent's mother, Mabel Kent (nee Toye), went to that school as a child, walking north from the farm throughout the school year which lasted from the first of April to the week before Christmas, with a two-week break in the hottest part pf the summer. Eight grades were taught and students had to go to Minden to take their school-leaving exams at their final year. Church services were held in the school on Wednesday evenings. Though rather the worse for wear, the school house and its stable still stand, shielded from the view of passing motorists by a thick growth of trees."

Public access: No

Current use: The building was sold to the Township of Minden by Bill Branson in 1993 and is now located on the grounds of the Minden Hills Museum.

Photo 1: Morley Kent's mother attended S. S. No. 9 Stanhope, the little red school house at Hindon Hill. Source: A guided tour of Hindon history, a 1990 Minden Times interview by Susan Wilson.