S.S. No. 2 - Maple Lake School

Geographic location: Lot 26, Conc 3, Stanhope

Current address: 10484 Hwy 118 East, Algonquin Highlands

Date range: c1865  to present

Interesting facts: Around 1865, the first public school in the region was built here. In 1908 the original log building was replaced by the white frame building that still stands today. In 1920, it was determined that there were enough students to support two schools.  In 1921, a new, larger S.S. No. 2, Upper Maple Lake was opened in a new location, as was the newly created S.S. #5, Lower Maple Lake.  In the 1930s, this schoolhouse was used as a private home by George Fader and later the building was home to a shop called Audrey's Consignments. The school, along with Thomas Jones' store, the post office, and a blacksmith shop made up the 'hamlet' of Maple Lake.

Public access: No

Current use: Empty building

Information source: Stanhope Heritage Driving Tour brochure; Teacher's Log in the General Register of SS No.5, Stanhope.

Photo information & source:

Undated photo of a teacher and students in front of the S.S. No. 2 Maple Lake building that was erected in 1908. Source: Stanhope Museum / P. Marshall

George Fader & his wife Lizzie with Pat & Carolyn Harrison standing in front of their home, the former S.S. No. 2 Maple Lake. Source: Stanhope Museum / P. Marshall.