S.S. No. 1 Nightingale - Rock Lake School

Geographic location: Rock Lake, Nightingale Township 

Current address: 

Date range: 1927 - 1935

Interesting facts:

  • 1927 Wm. Baulke was Secretary, Georgia Wilson was teacher, living in Whitney, frame building, no students as school was "new".
  • 1928, Wm. Baulke was Secretary, Beta McClure of Whitney, 7 students.
  • 1929 Louisa Baulke teacher, 7 students.
  • 1930 Mary Lighthall teacher, 9 students.
  • 1931 Isobel McGregor, 7
  • 1932 no mention of Nightingale in the reports
  • 1933 no annual report found
  • 1934 Gladys Foran, 5
  • 1935 Gladys M. Foran, 10
  • 1936 "school closed"

Source: Schools and Teachers in the Province of Ontario, Ontario Department of Education, Archive.org, as compiled by Gail L-W, Haliburton Highlands Genealogy Group.

Note: The map point is the approximate location of the school, currently pinned at the Rock Lake campground site, which is situated on the former Rock Lake Station townsite.