S.S. No. 2 Stanhope - Upper Maple Lake (1921 to 1966)

Geographic location: Lot 30, Conc. 5, Stanhope

Current address:  1035 Stanhope Airport Road

Date range: 1921 to 1966

Interesting facts:

During WW2 the school children in Victoria and Haliburton Counties raised $25,000 to buy "Sky Queen", a Hawker Hurricane fighter plane for the RCAF.  S.S.#2, Upper Maple Lake was recognized at a ceremony in Fenelon Falls for raising more funds than any other school in Haliburton County.

It is said that the more superstitious pupils ran quickly past the Maple Lake Cemetery on their way to and from school whenever there was an open grave that had not yet been back filled.  

Public access: No

Current use: The building as modified is a private residence.

Information source: Stanhope Museum

Photo 1: 

Photo 2: Front row: Walter Sawyer, Dorothy Peck, Betty Sawyer Second row: Max Griffin, Reg Sawyer, Garnet Swanton, Claude Fader, Brian Henderson, Ross Barry Third row: Freddie Boice, Juliet Fader, Wilhemina Cooper, Mabel Sawyer, Ruth Swanton, George Swanton, Billy Langman. Contributed by Mabel Sawyer Brannigan