U.S.S. No.10 - Pine Springs (1939 - 1950)

Geographic location: Lot 31, Conc. A, Stanhope

Current address: 19481 Hwy 35

Date range: 1939 -1950

Interesting facts:

This school was a union school and accommodated pupils from Stanhope, Hindon, Sherborne, and Ridout Townships.  The building was a frame cottage obtained from the Shelley and Hicks Lumber Company.  It was relocated to the property of William Prentice, who also donated a reed organ to the school for the music program.  The teacher lived in a small log cabin on the same property.  Many of the parents of the local children were dependent on the saw mill for employment, and as a result, during WW 2 the number of pupils dropped dramatically. As a result. the school closed in 1942, and the remaining children where transported to the Dorset School.  It is said that the "bus", donated by W. Prentice, was old, and the floor had a number of rusted out spots.  In 1945, when the war ended and jobs returned, the school reopened.  It remained in operation until 1950, when a new, larger building was built a short distance to the north.  The building still exists as a part of a private home. Information source: N. Reynolds, In Quest of Yesterday, E. Devitt and N. Reynolds, Echoes of the Past

Public access: No

Current use: Private residence

Photo 1: SS No 10 Hindon. Verso: Property of Harvey Barnhardt

Photo 2: Current Location