Two J's Restaurant

Geographic location: Lot 15, Conc. 12, Minden (Stanhope area)

Current address: 15141 Hwy 35, south of Carnarvon

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Twenty years of family, friends at Pepper Mill (excerpts)
By Sue Tiffin, Published Feb. 7, 2019, The Times

Greg Turner has a good sense of the history of the building that houses The Pepper Mill Steak & Pasta House he has owned for the past two decades with his wife Lisa, even in some cases down to details like the colour of the paint that has covered its walls.

The original building permit sits behind the bar, showing the property once belonged to Sinc Russell in 1948, who listed it as a service station, dairy bar and appliance store. It was then owned by the Chambers family, when it was Carnarvon Marine, alongside a small snack bar. The Chambers sold the business to Lisa’s father, who owned it for a few years as Pawson Marine. In the ’80s, it was a very popular restaurant, and then a country club, where Lisa worked in her earlier years. Some readers might recall when the building was J-Kaloo’s, as well, before it was suggested Greg and Lisa give it a go.

Public access: Yes

Current use: Pepper Mill Steak & Pasta House, family restaurant

Ownership History of Lot 15, Conc. 12, Minden:

  • 1880 The Crown John Brown 110 acres
  • 1885 Henry Sisson
  • 1907 James Edward Chambers (part)
  • 1915 Albert Kay (Margaret Chambers' husband)
  • Parcel Broken Into Separate Lots