Olan's Restaurant / L'il Chick Inn

Geographic location: Lot 13, Conc. 4, Stanhope

Current address: 16455 Hwy 35

Date range:

Interesting facts:

Started by Fred Olan, who had built the Clansman Motel and Cottages one property north.

Ben Varty, who was the janitor at the high school, bought it and renamed it L'il Chick Inn

Other owners:

  • Bob & Terry Symonds
  • Orville & Marg Harrison
  • 1974 Don and Ann Barker (see ad below)

Public access: No

Current use: Barker's Heating and Cooling business - sold c2022 to Kegel's

Photo: Olan's Motel. Verso: Olan's Motel & Cottages. Twelve miles North of Minden on highway 35 on BOSHKUNG LAKE. Safe sandy beach. Open all year. Ice Fishing huts in winter. Phone West Guildord 2559 or write: Fred & Mary Olan. Source: Carol Moffatt's postcard collection

Image 1: L'il Chic Inn New Management. Source: Haliburton Echo, August 22, 1974

Image 2: Ann Barker Catering 1989."Ann Barker Catering: Quality brand foods, home cooking; large & small broups, parties, weddings, B.B.Q. Cakes: birthdays, anniversaries, rental wedding cakes."

Image 3: Don Barker Heating 1986