Loralea Lodge

Geographic location: Lot 10, Conc. 9, Stanhope

Current address: Loralea Country Inn Resort, 17560 ON-35, Algonquin Highlands, ON K0M 1J2

Ownership history:

  • 1950 Laura Mole from William J Cooper. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 103).

Date range: 1950 - today

Interesting facts:

In his 1966 Collection of Sketches, "The Tourist Industry", Clayton Rogers tells the story of the start of the tourist industry in Stanhope Township: "Laura Lee Lodge was owned and operated by Mr. & Mrs. W. Mole."

Garth Mole's parents were in the business of keeping the tourists happy. They owned the Loralea Lodge from 1947 – 1972. Garth has a clear recollection of tourists coming to Loralea when he was young and asking about where they might be able to purchase property. Garth knows a lot of cottager on Halls and Hawk Lakes and he knows many of them started out as tourists. He is still happily taking care of cottagers today as he works on big and small construction projects throughout the Hawk-Halls Lake area. Written by Joan Hamilton as told by Garth Mole and with thanks to Wanda Mole. From https://www.hallshawklakes.ca/2016/12/3072

The lodge was built in 1944 by Bill Mole and his wife Laura Gartshore on property that had been in Laura's family through her mother Amy Welch whose second husband was William James Cooper. The lodge was named after Laura and Lea because their first child (Garth Mole) was supposed to be a girl. Garth says that the lodge was always open - never turned anyone away. There was always a lot of food. In those days the cottagers relied a lot more on the locals than they do today.

Public access: Yes

Current use: Resort

Image 1:  Bill & Laura Mole - 1972 sale of Loralea Lodge. Owner/Source Lydia Coulter Scrapbook Collection - Book 8, Pg 7. File name Loralea Lodge sale 1972 LC8 pg 7.jpg

Image 2: Loralea Lodge Ad 1987

Photo 3: Loralea Lodge Brochure