Little Hawk Lake Lodge

Geographic location: Lot 19, Conc. 10, Stanhope

Current address: 2049 Little Hawk Lake Rd

Date range:

Interesting facts: Richard Henry 'Dick' Hewitt built the resort.

Little Hawk Lake Post Office - 1947 to 1978: The post office was located in the store at Little Hawk Resort. This was a summer only office, open each year for July and August. The Postmasters were Richard Henry Hewitt until his death in 1966, and then his widow Evelyn.

Public access: Yes

Current use: Little Hawk Lake Lodge

Ownership History: 1947 from Frederick Johnson. Ontario Land Parcel Register - Stanhope (Image 160).

Photo 1: Hawk Lake Lodge 1946 when it was owned by Queenie Johnson, wife of Walter Johnson. Source: Peter Hewitt’s Photo Collection ‘Original Lodge 110'.

Photo 2: Hawk Lake Lodge prior to 1947 when it burned down. Peter’s parents had owned it for a year. Fire might have been caused by an open candle flame or stove pipe. Source: Peter Hewitt’s Photo Collection ‘lodge card crop'.

Photo 3: Little Hawk Lake Lodge 1949 when lodge was just rebuilt after burning down in 1947. Source: Peter Hewitt’s Photo Collection ‘Little Hawk Lake Lodge 1949'.

Photo 4: Motor room: used to be the outhouse at Hawk Lake Lodge. 1st had no water or electricity (generator). 2nd had electricity but no water so outhouse which was behind. Moved it to the front near the shore and it became motor storage, oil, etc. about 1959. Source: Peter Hewitt's Photo Collection 'motor room'.

Photo 5: Little Hawk Lake Resort in fall 70s. Source: Peter Hewitt's Photo Collection - ' fall'

Photo 6: Little Hawk Lake Resort Flyer. Source: Peter Hewitt's Photo Collection - ' flyer