Kashagawi Snack Bar

Geographic location: Lot 1, Conc. 10, Stanhope Township

Current address: 18860 Hwy 35 (now Fire House Restaurant, closed)

Date range: 1944 - 1980

Interesting facts:

This establishment started out as the Kashagawi Snack Bar built by Johnny Broderick in 1950. It has had many names and formats over the years. Every old timer on the lake can tell you tales about this landmark.

John Reeves tells the story of a fawn that was found in the bush one spring. Johnny Broderick brought it to the snack bar, put it in the garage and kept it all summer. The kids on the lake would go up and feed it. They called it Jigger. Later Johnny took it to a farm on the south part of Kushog (probably Harrison’s).

Ownership History:

  • 1944 John H. Milling bought the northern part – 2.01 acres – from the Crown for a summer resort.
  • 1948 Grant Whiteside bought the south part from the Crown.
  • 1950 Johnny & Rosanna (Scotty) Broderick acquired the property Johnny was a builder who came from Windsor and built Kashagawi Snack Bar with gas and boat moorings.
  • 1958 Fred & Lillian (Wim) Grant added the dining room and the cabins.
  • 1970 Bob & Barb Nangle, opened year-round.
  • 1979 Walter Visenti & Thomas Kunza went bankrupt and Nangles got the resort back.
  • 1980 Earl & Jean Brickell named it Rockside Resort.
  • 1985 The Kabakwa Group Inc owned by Bryan Goodger acquired first liquor licence and named the bar Huggy Bears.
  • 1987 717470 Ontario Ltd owned by Bill Wilson named it Moonwinks.
  • 1994 Tony Aymong named it The Fire House with appropriate décor. That name still stands.

Public access: No

Current use: Private residence

Photo 1: Kashagawi Snack Bar, Ox Narrows Bridge on Kushog Lake in the 1950s:

Photo 2: Kashagawi Snack Bar 1962