Glenroy Lodge

Geographic location: Lot 9, Conc. 8, Stanhope

Current address: Marys Lane on the west shore of Halls Lake

Date range:

Interesting facts:

In his 1966 Collection of Sketches, "The Tourist Industry", Clayton Rogers tells the story of the start of the tourist industry in Stanhope Township: "Glenroy Lodge, on Halls Lake, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Bursey, enjoy a good clientele."

Elsie Bursey was one of the leaders in the drive towards turning the dream of Hyland Crest into a reality. Elsie was the facility's first Administrator (Zion United Church 50th anniversary newsletter - "The Women of the UCW").

At one time it was called Burnanda after their two daughters Bernice and Sandra according to Garth Mole (Interview Nov, 2019).

Johnny Down is said to have died while walking down the road to the lodge.

Owner History:







  • 1960 John Charles & Madge Locke
  • 1969 Peter & Anna Bergen
  • Alfred & Gisela Klepeis
  • Robert Price & Barbara Flinn
  • 1988 Robert Price & Bryan Goodger
  • 1990 Fred & Rose Brittain

Public access: No

Current use: Private cottages

Lot 9, Conc. 8 Ownership History:

  • 1917 Patent from The Crown Robert Oliver 81 acres Free Grant
  • 1918 Frank Gartshore
  • 1919 Robert Oliver 1930 Jemima Oliver (widow)
  • 1932 Arther Robert Oliver
  • 1938 H Walter Izzard 41 acres
  • Parcel Broken Into Separate Lots

Image 1: Glenroy Lodge 1987