Peterson's Corners Post Office - 1878 to 1931

Geographic location: The post office was located at the home of the current Postmaster, which was at most one mile from the junction of the Bobcaygeon and Peterson Roads (now Hwy 118).

Current address: NA

Date range: Jul 1, 1878 to Nov 7, 1931

Interesting facts:


  • James Toy - July 1, 1878 to 1886 - The post office was located approximately one mile north of the junction. He was dismissed because of financial irregularities.
  • John Dawson - Jun 1, 1886 to Apr 4, 1890 - The post office was located somewhere on Lot 1,2,3 or 4, Conc. 1, Stanhope.
  • Stephen Dawson - Jan 1, 1891 to Apr 4, 1908 at  Lot 2, Conc. 1, Stanhope. He was the brother of John Dawson.
  • Donald Alexander Ross - Jul 23, 1908 to Apr 3, 1912 at  Lot 1, Conc. 1, Stanhope. Mr. Ross is shown as a boarder at the Walker residence on the 1911 census.
  • Mrs. Maud Walker - May 18, 1912 to Apr 21, 1914 - exact location to be determined. She was the widow of David Walker, and aunt of Donald Ross. She may have been given the appointment as a source of income after the death of her husband. She remarried in late 1913.
  • Mrs. Mary Rivers - Jun 1, 1914 to Jan 18, 1928 at  Lot 1, Conc. A, Stanhope. She was the mother-in-law of Donald Ross and the mother of James Stanley Rivers.
  • James Stanley Rivers - Mar 1, 1928 to Mar 1931 at  Lot 1, Conc. A, Stanhope -  During Mr. Rivers' tenure, the Postal Inspector recommended closing the office to save the $100 annual salary since the office was of limited usefulness. Mr. Rivers appealed with a petition with 15 signatures to support him. A follow-up investigation showed that most of the petitioners collected their mail elsewhere, and that only three or four families used this office. Mr. Rivers then appealed to the local MP, and offered to do the job for the reduced rate of $40 per year. With the insistence of the MP, the closure was dropped until late in 1931.
  • Mrs. Margaret Alice Walker - Apr 30, 1931 to Nov 7, 1931 - Lot 1, Conc. 13, Minden (Stanhope area). Wife of Thomas Walker. She was the aunt of Donald Ross.

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