Halls Lake Post Office - 1900 to 1964

Geographic location: Lot 12, Conc. 10, Stanhope

Current address: See the list of Postmasters below.

Date range: Mar 31, 1900 to Jun 6, 1964

Interesting facts:

The post office was situated at the homes of the Postmasters. Starting in 1956 it became a summer office; it was not open in the summer of 1958, but reopened in June of 1959.


  • James Welch, - Mar 1, 1900 until his death on May 29, 1935. The office was situated at what is now 1171 Halls Lake Road. The house was replaced by a later landowner.
  • Arthur William Welch, James's son, was acting Postmaster for about four months after his father's death.
  • Mrs. Sabine Jane McGuire - July 31, 1935 to Aug 28, 1940 - 1131 Halls Lake Road.  During  this time there was a fire at the McGuire residence, and the post office was relocated to the home of Fred Welch, 1191 Halls Lake Road, while repairs were made.
  • Arthur William Welch - Oct 16, 1940 to Feb 4, 1957. This office at 1165 Halls Lake Road, converted to summer only in 1956.
  • Mrs. Ann Melissa Cummins - Feb 5, 1957 to Jan 7, 1958. The office was located at 1139 Halls Lake Road. She was acting Postmaster.
  • Fred Rolfe - Jun 15, 1959 to Jun 6, 1964; This office was located at what is now Sandy Lane Resort.

Public access: No,  

Current use: All but Sandy Lane are private homes.

Information source: Library and Archives Canada Post Office and Postmasters, local knowledge