Boskung Post Office - 1878 to 1962

Geographic location: Lot 8, Conc. 5, Stanhope

Current address: 1041 Boshkung Lake Road

Date range: July 1, 1878 to Mar 15, 1962

Interesting facts:

The post office at Boskung was located in the homes of the Postmasters. From 1878 until 1958 the office was open year around. It then became summer only until it finally closed in 1964.


  • Joseph Beatty Sr.- Jul 1, 1878 to Dec 26, 1908 - His name is incorrectly recorded as John on the Library & Archives Canada website.
  • Joseph Beatty Jr. - Feb 9, 1908 to Mar 19, 1924 - Note the overlap in dates, with Joseph becoming Postmaster over ten months before John ceased to hold the position.  It is probable that Joseph Sr. was unable to fulfill his role during that time as a result of illness, since the cause of vacancy is shown as "death".
  • Angus Coulter - Apr 5, 1924 to Mar 10, 1945
  • Mrs. Emily Mary Laurena Coulter - May 15, 1945 to Mar 15, 1962

It has been written that the neighbours would gather at the Beatty residence on Wednesday and Saturday evenings awaiting Joseph's arrival from Minden with the mail, and of course visiting and catching up on the local gossip.  Apparently at election times these gatherings would be much less jovial. Source: Nila Reynolds, In Quest of Yesterday

Public access: No

Current use: Private residence

Information source: Library and Archives Canada Post Offices and Postmasters