Hunter's Bridge

Interesting facts:

According to local lore recorded in the book Facts and Fables of Oxtongue Lake:

"Issac Hunter was the first known white man to settle in the Oxtongue area up to 1836.  He was a fugitive from the Rebellion in Upper Canada in that year.  He had fled by way of Bobcaygeon and the Burnt River with his wife.  When his wife died en route, he paddled her body back to Balsam Lake for burial.  After remarrying he paddled with his second wife over the same route and continued on to the Gull River Boshkung Narrows where he first met Zachariah Cole.  The Hunters then moved to the Cedar Narrows area probably settling at Hunter's Bridge on the Oxtongue River.  When no further news of the Hunters came back to the Boshkung Narrows, Zachariah Cole became determined to locate them on his return from his annual trapping trip into Algonquin Park.  He made a most gruesome discovery.  He found Hunter dead in his cabin and his wife and daughter crazed by starvation, attempting to catch for food the mice that had been feeding on Hunter's body.  (Copied from "Echoes of the Past".)"

Information source:  Brethour, Marnie and Fran Gower.  Facts and Fables of Oxtongue Lake, 2000; pg. 9.

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