Maple Lake Church

Geographic location: Lot 31, Conc. 5, Stanhope

Current address: 10961 Hwy 118 E. at the north east corner of Hwy 118 and Airport Road.

Date range: 1900 to present

Interesting facts: Once called the "Twentieth Century Church", this church sits at "Clark's Corners" and dates back to 1900 when the Pine Lake and Maple Lake Methodist congregations amalgamated. Lumber was hauled from Stevens' mill on Boshkung Lake and the contractor was paid $115 for 12 weeks' work. Its cemetery was a burying ground before the church was built, and some of Stanhope's most prominent pioneer families are buried here.

Public access: Yes

Current use: United Church

Information source: Stanhope Heritage Driving Tour brochure / Stanhope Museum collection

Photo information & source: Carol Moffatt