Stanhope Pioneer Cemetery & Cairn

Geographic location: Lot 10, Conc. 6. Stanhope

Current address: Boshkung Lake Rd., 500 m. off Hwy. 35

Date range: 1863 to present

Interesting facts:

Nestled among the trees on land first granted to Caleb Davis in 1866 stand three headstones marking the final resting place of some of the area's earliest pioneers. The headstones are almost illegible.  A stone cairn erected near the roadway by the Township of Stanhope in 1968 lists the names of those believed to have been buried in this small cemetery.

The cairn was erected by the Township of Stanhope (1968) commemorating the pioneers listed below who died in the 1800's:

  James Hewitt Annie Welch  
  Margaret Hewitt Isaac Moray  
  Ben Hewitt Hanna Moray  
  Elizabeth Hewitt Charles Thomas  
  Fred Hewitt Jane Ann Thomas  
  Philip Davies Rebecca Cooper  
  Philip Davies, Jr. Emma Cooper  
  Lizzie Davies Alec Suter  
  Caleb Davies John Foote  
  William Godwin Mary Foote  
  John Benson    

Several bodies were removed from this cemetery and reburied in St. Stephens Church yard. There is no burial list or cemetery plan.

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Public access: Yes

Current use: Cemetery

Colour photos source: Find a Grave