Elgin Stouffer's Sawmill

Geographic location: Lot 17, Conc. 9, Stanhope

Current address: south of 1015 Cloverleaf Road

Date range: Elgin Stouffer is listed in the 1974 Census of SAWMILLS AND PLANING MILLS AND SHINGLE MILLS asĀ  having one employee. [http://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2019/statcan/35-204/CS35-204-1974.pdf]

Interesting facts:

  • The original mill was located at Richie's Lake northeast of Haliburton. It was destrpyed by in 1984.f
  • The mill was later relocated to Stouffer Mill Rd east of Hwy 35 in Halls Lake and is an attraction at Stouffer Mill Bed and Breakfast.

Elgin Stouffer was a long-time Stanhope resident. Stouffer was a member of Stanhope Council for some time, and was extremely active in local and broader concerns ranging from tourism in Ontario to logging and sawmilling in the Dominican Republic.

Public access: No

Current use: Private

Photo information & source: Mary Stiver has photos