Stanhope Township History

The original survey for the Township of Stanhope was commenced in October 1859, by G. W. Stewart, P.L.S., and the results of this survey ere presented in a report to the Commissioner of Crown Lands in July, 1860. Mr. Stewart in this report stated, "The Township of Stanhope with its numerous lakes, and boldness of scenery make it particularly attractive to the sportsmen and lover of Natural beauty." The Township was named for an English Earl, Philip Henry Stanhope, who composed a history of 18th century England.

Municipal records indicate the 1874 Council for the Township of Stanhope consisted of Reeve Andrew Brown and Councillors Henry Jones, David Keers, Nelson Taylor and Henry Fitzsimmonds.

Source: Centennial Corner, Haliburton Echo, April 25, 1974