Camp Prentuskoka

Geographic location: Lot 32, Conc, A Stanhope Township

Current address: 19518 Hwy. 35 (now Pine Springs Resort)

Date range: 1920s - 1947

Interesting facts:

William Walker Prentice, (grandfather of Tom Prentice) built Camp Prentuskoka in the 1920s. It was a fishing and hunting lodge run by the Prentice family, who farmed and were into logging and trucking. The name was changed to Pine Springs when the post office came in. The Post Office operated from 1953 to 1955.

1. Hunting Season at Camp Prentuskoka 1922:

2. First snowplow to plough from Halls Lake to Dorset 1930 - W. W. Prentice & Son, Dunc:


3. Camp Prentuskoka Main Buidling:

4. Camp Prentuskoka Beach:

5. Camp Prentuskoka Dec. 1940 - note portable cabin in truck:

Public access: Yes

Current use: Pine Spring Valley Resort

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